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“The most innovative design and crafted airgun bullets.”

Our main focus is on the development of our own unique lead formula, advanced forging/ casting knowledge and understanding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I order products ?

Through our retailer/store network around the globe, or through our website online shop “click here”. If there are no retail shops in your country that carry our products, please let us know

What is the BC on the slugs/pellets?

The BC figure is unique calculation that depends on projectile, rifle/twist rate on the barrel, speed, sea level height and environmental variables. Therefore, we do not want to give BC numbers in order not to mislead the user.

How to calculate BC?

To determine BC you need: a ballistic app, a device to measure velocity and preferably calm day at the range at 100m/y, the greater the distance the more accurate the calculation will be. Or just a radar device that calculates your BC itself. Check out some of the YouTube videos “How to determine your own BC”.

Why some slugs are different colours?

Slugs are made from lead which is very reactive material on air, humid and heat. Higher exposure to one of those or more variables will affect oxidation differently. Different colours will not change your accuracy another properties.

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How is best to store slugs?

It is best to store our products in the original packaging with labels. In a place with low humidity.

Are we making also other calibers of pellets/slugs ?

We are constantly adding new ranges, so it's only a matter of time before we add the one you are looking for. If you are looking for something specific, please let us know

Will every slug be accurate in my rifle?

No, each rifle prefers the weight or sub-calibre you shoot best with, which depends on your barrel size, choke and velocity of twist.

What is different between slugs and pellets?

Pellets are astablised with spin and their skirt, their stabilising area is much shorter then slugs. Because of the pellet shape, the BC is much lower than the BC of a slugs and the air resistance during flight is lower. Pellets also have a much shorter friction surface in the barrel, therefore they are much more easily pushed out of the bareel than slugs that require a greater impulse in the rear of the barrel, especially if they are spring guns. Slugs
have a hollow point, which provides expansion and improved accuracy. This makes slugs much more suitable for hunting and long range shooting as they carry much more energy downrange.

How fast do I need to shoot the slug?

You can launch projectiles at as little as 600 fps until the blast of air is strong enough to push them through the barrel. The upper speed is “limited” to the transonic plane, about 1060 fps.

What is best speed for the pellets?

There is no answer to this. Until you have it exactly, the speed is all right. It depends on the application you want to use.